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  1. How REI helped me save a dog's life this weekend Jason Nicholas 02-Jul-2013
  2. Help... My Dog's Stomach is Swollen! Bloat, Torsion, and GDV in Dogs - Part 2: Be Prepared Jason Nicholas 26-Feb-2013
  3. Help... My Dog's Stomach is Swollen! Bloat, Torsion, and GDV in Dogs - Part 1: Be Aware Jason Nicholas 13-Feb-2013


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Keep Your Pets Happy, Healthy, and Safe

You love your pets – they're part of your family. They're your running buddies, your clowns, your cuddle partners, and your children’s playmates. They give you unconditional love and are there for you whenever and however you need – even when you just need to smile. In return, they rely on you to keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

At The Preventive Vet, our mission is to help you do just that so you and your pets can enjoy a long, happy life together. Get started; download our pet safety guide now. Then explore the rest of our site to see what else you can learn and do to keep your cats and dogs happy, healthy, and safe for years to come.

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